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from the inspiration files

I LOVE the layers and tiers and flaps and ruffles (yes i said i liked ruffles...[vom]) of these pieces but I am totally stumped what collection I found them in?! I thought for sure it was Hussein Chalayan circa 2001ish...if anyone recognizes let me know, but I'll keep searching.

Lately I've been finding a lot of inspiration from Hussein Chalayan from the early 2000's collections. Hussein Chayalan's architectural lines on so many pieces really are inspiring...and can be very heavy on the experimental side (remember the wooden table/skirt???) HERE. 

I tend to lean quite a bit on architecture for inspiration...my father is an architect so I have to attribute much of this aesthetic obsession to him and our summer night drives looking at "cool buildings and houses!" also his influence on me to go on and study architecture in undergrad. 


where to begin...

I am back in blogtown...!!! lots to catch up on+i have a new take on blogging steez...( besos for besos ! !)


Lovely+Talented=so much awesome.

Check her this Friday and also HERE and HERE
Afterparty at Papa Bubble candy shop 380 Broome St. 


casual fridays

modern amusement bttn up | F21 bustier | AA heathered gray racerbk 
silence+noise denim leggings | vintage turq wedges
Laurie inspired my denimy casual friday-esque attire based on the common office ideology of "wear some jeans on Fridays"+color is subtly making a move back into my routine (yay!)...next Friday is hawaiian shirt day.


Norma Kamali+Walmart

Norma Kamali is currently collaborating with Walmart-this all-in-one piece stood out to to me...especially worn as the batwing top in top left photo. Also THIS....excuse the foto quality here (tried my best to recover these from Wmart's low budget shooting capabilities) 



10th anniversary NYLON digital issue showed up in my EMAILbox this week and I'm super jazzed sitting here cyber-flippin the pages...only halfway through, but check out some highlights thus far...
I love the wedge taking on it's own shape and not just following the lines of the shoe+the liquid silver is super futuristic and great attached to the white strappies. 
More DIY ideas...also check out Fashiontoast's denim Walmart purchase that is a cheap alternative for some stellar tiedyes.
A great+quick DIY for your favorite nighty/slip that you are dying to wear out in public without seriously offending someone. I have a brwn silk CK slip in mind for my onesie conversion...

shred like nobody's business

inspirational pieces above...tutorial: right here. What are you doing this weekend? Making magic happen...besos for the motivation White Lightning


Valhalla: Shin Murayama

Tonight was dinner with Dustin-he's currently styling a project in which to incorporate masks...I came across these with him in mind. I Don't Like Mondays is where I found them...created by Shin Murayama who I had never heard of______Lately I have been doing quite a bit of soul-searching (uh hum OBVI) and reading THISTHISTHIS interview with the artist really got my heart a pounding. I feel like he has embraced all the "unknowns/identities" (always been struggles for Muah) of being a creative person. Difficult to express my personal feelings exactly, but pls read the short, sweet and liberating (for me...) philosophies he has on what it means to not know what it means (if you know what I mean). 

Aside from my 2am analytics...aren't these masks+model+color+all-else infectious?!


The Last Emperor...VALENTINO

Attending "Valentino, The Last Emperor" at the Film Forum this evening...perhaps I will wear my favorite vintage Valentino piece for the occasion...hrm?